Research, Development and Extension Policy of Myanmar
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Second Five Year Short Term Agriculture Policies and Strategic Thrusts | Updated:2017-08-27

1. To encourage private sector participation in the development programmer of Research and Development, and Extension of advanced technologies.

2. To establish cooperation and collaboration with international organizations for exchanging modern agriculture, livestock and fishery technologies.

3. To support germplasm conservation; the development of different crop varieties resistant to climate, pests and diseases; fich resource conservation; the development of good livestock breeds and fish species which are resistant to disease and the adverse effects of climate change.

4. To support genetic resources conservation and maintenance in collaboration with relevant departments and organizations.

5. To enhance and improve the prevailing awareness raising programmes for farmers, livestock keepers, and fisher folks with active participation of concerned government departments, non- governmental organizations, and civil society organizations.

6. To establish a research system covering agriculture, livestock, and fishery sectors, at the national level and enhance sector-wise research and development programmes.

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