Cooperative Societies and Cooperative System Development Policy of Myanmar
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Second Five Year Short Term Agriculture Policies and Strategic Thrusts | Updated:2017-08-27

1. To support viable agribusiness initiatives, including investment in machineries and equipment, of cooperative enterprises, through innovative financing and existing microfinance credit programs.

2. To support the formation of cooperative societies, including monitoring and evaluation requirements as per the Cooperative Laws and Procedures, and to conduct Cooperative Education Trainings.

3. To uplift the economic, education, health, and living standard of family members of cooperative societies, in collaboration with relevant organizations.

4. To link with international cooperative organizations for productive collaboration.

5. To build the capacity of cooperative societies focusing on production, service provision, and trade aspects.

6. To support small scale enterprise, traditional weaving and handicraft making including 10 traditional artworks and crafts.

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