Agricultural Mechanization and Input Policy of Myanmar
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Second Five Year Short Term Agriculture Policies and Strategic Thrusts | Updated:2017-08-27

1. To help support the increase use of well adapted quality farm machineries and equipment in an effort to transform into a more modern mechanized agricultural system.

2. To support the process of transforming agricultural commodity value chains by introducing machinery and equipment into postharvest and value-added activities, thereby enhancing the production of high quality agricultural products.

3. To support capacity building for technological devaelopment in agro-based industries in use of modern machineries and equipment in primary and value-added processing.

4. To formulate and enact laws, procedures, and directives to guarantee safe and systematic use of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, medicines and vaccines.

5. To support basic infrastructure development and upgrading initiatives to ensure the production of safe and high quality agricultural and livestock products for high end domestic and international markets.

6. To support improved access and use of quality seeds of crops, good  animal breeds and fish fingerlings to enhance the production and improve the quality of agriculture, livestock and fishery products.

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