Agricultural Financing Policy of Myanmar
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Second Five Year Short Term Agriculture Policies and Strategic Thrusts | Updated:2017-08-27

1. To assist farmers in having access to financial support, loan, credit, capital investment and inputs for agriculture, livestock, fishery and cooperative activities.

2. To support the establishment of people centered financial facilities, such as, revolving fund, microfinance, and block grant, so as to improve the livelihood and incomes of the rural population.

3. To restructure and modernize the Myanmar Agriculture Development Bank to operate with full capacity so that long term and short term loan can be provided in addition to seasonal loan; and loans can be made available in a timely manner from the national budget and can be recollected and utilized.

4. To attract Foreign Direct Investment which is necessary to financially and technically support the development in agriculture, livestock, and fishery activities and to access more international markets.

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