Water Use and Management Policy of Myanmar
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Second Five Year Short Term Agriculture Policies and Strategic Thrusts | Updated:2017-08-27

1. To undertake the necessary action and feasible measures to ensure that the entire Irrigation System leading from each and every completed irrigation dam, canal, and water pumping station becomes fully operational. The Water User Participatory Approach will be adopted in the water management system in order to maximize water use efficiency.

2. To implement feasible water supply projects for the benefit of farmers in different regions.

3. To explore the possibility of exploiting underground water for agriculture/livestock/fishery and related activities without adversely affecting natural environment and water resources.

4. To construction and maintain inland and sea dikes to prevent fresh and brackish water intrusion which can cause flooding; and to excavate priority drainage canals in flood prone areas of different regions/states.

5. To ensure that irrigation water is accessible and efficiently utilized by farmers when needed for crops.

6. To establish Water User Groups in respective regions and states to ensure that irrigation water is effectively and efficiently utilized.

7. To implement rural drinking water project based on the prevailing water resources of the area.

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